WATCH Features

for people in need of protection


In order to trigger the alarm, push the screen or red button for at least 3 seconds. The organisation in charge (Portal) or family members (App) are being notified immediately, which means, they can react fast & in time.


The elderly can easily check their appointments within the smart watch, as well as get reminded by it. Reminders can be set via Portal, Tablet & App.

“Doctor – Today at 10.45”


The watch allows elderly people to contact family members, friends or carer. Within the feature you can set contacts, call them or be called. Furthermore the watch user can receive messages and listen to them with the help of audio support.

Step counter

The watch is counting your every-day-made steps. The seniors can also keep track of their daily achievements via Tablet. Stay fit with JAMESWatch.

Danger & Security zones

Define safety or danger zones for the elderly. Keep them away from high-traffic roads & unsafe pond regions or keep them nearby, so they can not get lost – for example people suffering from dementia.