In the process of growing older, the number of people who suffer from several diseases simultaneously increases. The fear of loosing independancy and the ability to provide for themselves is a big issue for old people.

What they need is a smart solution for more security. The JamesWATCH gives elderly the opportunity to alert their care provider or family members in need of help and supports them to stay active and healthy.

Easily connect the JAMESWatch with the Portal, Tablet or/and App!

Feature overwiev


Touch the screen or the red button for at least 3 seconds to receive help.

Audio support

Information such as messages or time can be read by the clock aloud.


With the JAMESWatch you are able to call the configurated contacts.

Danger & security zones

Define zones which the watch user can’t enter or exit.


The watch can receive messages sent as SMS.


Remind the elderly via JAMESWatch to take the medicine.

Sprightly pensioner
Mr. Ortner is 83 years old & very active. Every day he is excited to take his small trips to the local town which is not far away from his care home. For quite some time now he is complaining about dizziness & shortness of breath. He is now wearing the JamesWATCH when leaving the care home. In need of help he can push the alarm button & his carer can get to him as fast as possible. Mr. Ortner is very happy about wearing the watch & the fact that he can still make his quick tours through town.
Ms. Siegel is 79 years old. She is suffering from dementia & therefore in need of permanent care. Every day Ms. Siegel leaves the care facilities to take a short walk in the nature. The past few walks didn‘t end well, since she couldn‘t find her way back anymore. To prevent this critical situations the care provider bought Ms. Siegel a JAMESWatch. From now on Ms. Siegel is supposed to wear the watch when taking her walks. Her carer installed a 750 feet safety zone around the facility. When Ms. Siegel is leaving the predefined area, her carer is getting a notification & can guide her back safely. The care provider, Ms. Siegel as well as her daughter are very happy about the JamesWATCH.
Assisted Living
I am 82 & have been using the JamesWATCH for about nine moths. The watch is comfortable either on the wrist or as a pendant, which is the way I use it. The charging procedure is simple & the battery life adequate. The alarm & telephone functions work easily & quickly & the watch works as well abroad as at home. I wear the watch constantly during the daytime & it seems to be unaffected by my wearing in the rain.
Family & relatives
For some time I had had concerns for my 83 year old mother. She lives in a large house, with a large garden. She has been known to have falls quite frequently. A few weeks ago she had a fall in her back garden. For a very long time no-one heard her. Fortunately, on that occasion a neighbour finally heard her, & raised the alarm. I came across the JamesWATCH. It is a smart watch, but with the functions greatly simplified to make them user friendly for an older person. I bought it for my mother & today I am thankful to say that so far she has not needed to press the emergency button. We are both feeling much more safer now!