for the elderly living at home on their own or within supervised or managed Accomodation

The innovative & original design makes it easy to use James‘ product features. Distinctive icons, adjustable font sizes & supporting audio, all help to cater to different needs.

escape isolation
escape isolation
escape isolation
remain at home for longer
escape isolation
keep in touch

Users / Tablet

JAMES can be used by more than just one person, allowing JAMES to be used from individuals or couples at home on their own, to groups in assisted living environments.

JAMES Features

Standby mode

The sleeping mode shows the users‘ most important daily information, for example weather, appointments & news.


To raise an alert the individual pushes the alarm button. Predefined people or organisations immediately get a notification.

Alarms are also triggered by the JAMESWatch.



In order to stay in touch with family, friends or care providers, JAMES has a communication feature. Allowing users to easily send messages, videos or pictures, including video calls to predefined contacts.


The elderly needn’t forget their doctor‘s appointment or medication anymore.

Events, deadlines & appointments can be set & inserted by users or carers into the JAMESTablet or Portal.


Review pulse, blood sugar levels, weight and blood pressure all from the comfort of home.

Vital sensors allow helpful information to be gathered & analysed within the JAMESTablet platform and or Portal.

My home

Make elderly homes smart.

JAMES provides different sensors for individual needs. The sensors can be easily installed & in case of irregularities the JAMESTablet or Portal is notified. This allows carers or organisations in charge to quickly check, if the person concerned is ok.


Weather & moon calendar

Daily weather is always visible for the users to view.

Phases of the moon can be viewed using the calendar.

Additional features


JAMES provides fitness & nutrition videos purely focused on the elderly & their requirements, suited for their individual needs. Additionally you can incorporate our fitness tracker, to keep an eye on progress.


Support and Connect!

Help friends or receive support from them, as well as stay informed about upcoming events with this feature.

James allows you to communicate, share news & important information.

Regional Foucs

James tells you when the waste is being collected, your local doctors opening times, where the local pharmacy is, as well as bus timetables & more.


One easy click & users can surf the internet, play games, as well as share & take pictures safely.