Increase efficiency, precise care services


Use the Back- End- Portal as the central management of all tablets & sensors. It is specially designed for Care Organisations, Call Centers & other care providers.

Third parties, like the users family doctor, can be included to.

Improved safety for the elderly
Reduce personnel expenses
Close medical care gaps

The central administration allows organisations to …

manage sensors & tablets

The sensors are directly connected to the JAMESPortal & Tablet. Relevant data can be quickly gathered and analyzed.

communicate with users

The care provider or nurse in charge can directly contact the person concerned via the JAMESPortal.

supervise & support seniors

The data gathered by JAMESensors is being transferred to the Portal, where organisations keep an overview & are able to react should a concern be raised.

maintain calendar

Within the central administration medical & general reminders can be setup.

define roles & authorizations

The JAMESPortal allows you to define roles by competences or add third parties which could be important, as for example the family doctor.