ilogs healthcare GmbH

Ilogs is a software & technology service company. For over 20 years we have focused on innovative solutions integrating people, businesses & technology.
100 employees in Austria & Switzerland put effort in creating value for our customers. Ilogs – the reliable partner for your IT requirements.


Elderlys‘ habitat is changing – large families are in decline & family members live spread across countries or even continents. Staying connected with people you care about & knowing them safe is difficult or almost impossible.
That‘s why JAMES!

Through JAMES– generations can connect, easily & with flexibility. Sharing information and communicating & providing people with security when on their own. James – connecting the generations.


ilogs healthcare GmbH was honored with the European AAL Award & the International Silver Eco and Ageing Well Award!


JAMES was developed in cooperation with renowned research facilities and tested in the following areas:


60 households in Salzburg


120 households in Italy & Austria


100 households in Vienna

Smart VitAALity

100 households in Carinthia